Web Discovery

Welcome. We are excited to get working with you on your website. In order for us to capture your vision fully, it's important that we ask the following which will help us gain a better sense of the direction you're wanting to go and the style you are aiming for.

First Step — Domain
Do you currently have a domain name registered? If so, what is it?
If you have a domain, who is it hosted with? (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Google Domains, etc.)
Goals & Objectives
What is the purpose that your website should serve?
Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — i.e ranking well on Google, an important objective for your website? Packages start at $500/month.
Why the change?

Disregard this section if you currently do not have an existing site.

What are your reasons for a redesign/rebuild?
What do you like about your current site?
Do you like the content on your current site?
Your competition
What sets you apart?

Competitor Site Analysis. 
List out the names and sites of some competitors and their website.

Competitor #1
Competitor #2
Competitor #3
Your Sitemap

It can be hard to know where and how to start planning for a website. A sitemap is simply the pages and section that your site will be broken out into. This usually includes pages such as the homepage, an about page, a services page, and so on. List out the pages and sections your site will have. If you don't know, we can help work that out with you!

Are there any specific elements/features your website should include?
Content & Copy

Do you intend to insert most of the page content yourself or will you provide all content to PHENYX?

Tweak the style of your site

Your sites style is incredibly important to leaving a good impression on your visitors. Drag the sliders in either direction to better nail down a style and aesthetic you'd like us to consider and use when designing your site.

Select your desired colors

Color helps determine mood and emotion. Select the colors you'd like us to explore beyond your brand colors. We will use what you select here as a starting point for accent colors throughout your website. Leave blank if you do not have a preference.

Websites you like

Enter some websites you really like. They can be competitor sites or sites you simply just love. Separate each site by a comma.

Websites you don't like

Enter some websites you don't like. This will help give us a better idea of what to avoid.

Desired assets

If you have any assets, images, and/or graphics you'd like us to use, provide us a link here to where we can access them.

Other details


Thank you! Every little bit of info helps us fine tune and perfect the website you've always envisioned. We'll start getting to work and will reach out should we require any additional info.
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