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the answer to the future of your brand

A marketing agency with the mission of elevating your brand led by our entire in-house marketing team.
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an all-inclusive marketing subscription

Reimagining your
brand With MODS

MODS is an all-inclusive, supercharged monthly marketing subscription that makes effective marketing easy with everything you need—and nothing you don’t. Our full in-house team of experts delivers everytime, from design to video.

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To ensure we see your vision the way you do, we learn everything about your business, brand, goals, and offering.

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Every MODS package is specifically designed for you and your business needs. We’ll customize your MODS exactly as you need.

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MODS takes managing your marketing off your plate—for good. It’s trackable and each quarter, we’ll ensure we’re meeting goals with progress meetings.

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Through targeted digital and print campaigns, MODS is able to provide multi-touch campaign ads that engage, deliver and increases your ROI.

What's included

From video to websites. Starting at $3,500/month.

Whether you need a full digital marketing package or a few key services to support your internal team, MODS was designed to be as flexible as you need.

*not all services are included with every MODS package. Reach out to us for help on developing a personalized plan
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Step 1
Let's start with your brand and its identity.

The first step to any marketing is its brand. We'll work with you to develop and cohesive and unique identity that fits your companies goals and objectives.

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Step 2
From video to web. We have you covered.

After an identity has been established, we'll get started on creating one-of-a-kind custom content for your brand, ranging from responsive websites to cinematic-level video.

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Step 3
What's the point of content if it isn't promoted?

The benefit of having an entire in-house marketing team is that we're able to take that amazing content shot and promote it across various channels, implementing key trends in your industry.

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Step 4
The result? And increase in legitimate leads and valuable prospects.

Our goal is to drive valuable and legitimate leads to your business. Through direct targeting and powerful promotion, PHENYX can drive great new growth for your business.

about us

An in-house team above the rest

The marketing answer to the future of your brand. A marketing agency that is ready and dedicated to making real change. Offering comprehensive services from brand design to SEO.

Regardless of your needs, we are here to listen, collaborate and offer tailored solutions to achieve all of your business goals — but most importantly, we're here to authentically communicate your brand's message.


brief words
from our amazing clients

"PHENYX is a great company to work with and understand how to grow a company"

Derek Rae
Unruly Beard

"They have allowed us to feel like we have an entire marketing team on staff!"

Jason Shimmel
Arbor Valley Nursery

" I recommend the PHENYX team to any company ready to take its marketing to the next level"

Michael Schleining
Arbor Valley Nursery

"All and all great people and great product...I couldn't be happier"

Ruthann Peace
Primrose Schools

"From the initial consultation to the delivery date these guys made it easy and accommodating"

Jeff Rice
Blue Star Fiber

Working with Phenyx for our marketing and website needs etc has been incredible.

Randall Eddington
Blackrock Midstream

"Great Group, did exactly what I needed and then some."

Jason Bowen

"We've worked with everyone within their company — they're all very collaborative and thorough."

Amy Beth Terch
Allied Medical Aesthetics

"They treat me like I am their one and only client."

Jen Jaquish
Option 1 Mortgage

"The level of personality was unmatched."

Jhana Ellard
Artifex Digital

"They are passionate, energetic, and easy to work with."

Amanda Sturdevant
Tru Partners Consulting

“All in all, they’ve revitalized the website and made us more visible on all the three platforms that we use.”

Chase Hodges
Hodges Construction

"It’s very easy to work with PHENYX because they’re professional and open to listening to our ideas."

Charlie Thomas

“The verbiage and creativity that they bring into their work are awesome.”

Dave Engfer
360 Credit Health

"PHENYX has the ability to immerse themselves in a subject or industry and tell a really good story."

Brad Land
Olympia Luxury Coaches

“Their videos are eye-catching and bring people in through engagement.”

Jeanne Meyers
Office Evolution

“I highly recommend PHENYX to anybody that’s looking to grow their business.”

Cody Whittington
My Breeder's Supply

"Their ability to listen is impressive."

Mauricio Martinez
Hawkins & Martinez

"We never feel that we’re wasting our time with PHENYX because they’re constantly helping us move forward."

Michael Koditek
Carbon Valley Eye Care

"Their approach enabled them to go above and beyond and deliver excellent outcomes."

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