Client Brochure

A prospective client brochure designed to be the first impression

Project Overview

Impressing prospective clients with a complete company brochure

Sometimes it's difficult to interest someone when discussing insurance and finances. PHENYX was tasked with creating EJC's prospective client brochure which utilized custom infographics and a design to match their new brand.

Project Overview

EJC Insurance & Financial, a leading insurance and financial services company, sought to create an engaging and informative prospective client brochure. PHENYX was entrusted with the responsibility of developing a visually appealing design, complementing EJC's new brand, and incorporating custom infographics to effectively convey essential information.

The challenge

The primary challenge was capturing the attention of potential clients while discussing the often-complex subjects of insurance and finances. The brochure needed to be visually engaging, easy to understand, and aligned with EJC's branding to leave a lasting impression on its audience.

Strategy & approach

PHENYX approached this project with a focus on simplicity, visual appeal, and brand consistency:

  • Content Strategy: We developed concise and straightforward content that effectively communicated EJC's offerings without overwhelming readers.
  • Custom Infographics: To make complex information easily digestible, we created eye-catching and informative infographics that provided a visual representation of EJC's services and benefits.
  • Design and Branding: Our design team crafted a visually appealing brochure layout that seamlessly integrated with EJC's new branding, incorporating their brand colors, typography, and visual elements.

Results & Success

The resulting EJC Insurance & Financial brochure successfully captured the attention of prospective clients, leading to:

  • Increased brand recognition and recall among potential clients
  • Enhanced engagement with EJC's marketing materials
  • Positive feedback from prospective clients on the brochure's design and content
  • Improved conversion rates at sales meetings and industry events

what the client had to say

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PHENYX has exceeded our expectations in creating an exceptional brochure that truly captures the essence of our brand. The custom infographics and design have helped us engage our audience and effectively communicate our services. We couldn't be more pleased with the results!
Robert Edgin, CEO, EJC Insurance & Financial