Skilled in just about everything

PHENYX is the marketing answer to the future of your brand. With the proper use of digital media, a connection with your brand is ignited, trust within your brand catches fire and traction and sales will follow.

We are here to authentically communicate your message. With our in-house team of experts in every digital field, there is nothing your business can’t become or can’t accomplish. Start showcasing your unique brand story today.

Finally, a digital agency that is ready and dedicated to making real change. We offer comprehensive services from brand redesign to SEO. Regardless of your needs; we are here to listen, collaborate and offer tailored solutions to achieve all of your business goals.

Our Marketing Mission


We help plan for your businesses future

PHENYX offers everything you need to get going right from the start. We help plan and set out a strategic marketing strategy. We can help redefine your brand, create a new brand identity, and plan for a very successful future.

We help produce your businesses digital media

Like we mentioned right from the start, we are storytellers, and we love learning the story of your brand and finding incredible and creative ways to communicate that story and message to your customers.

PHENYX offers video production, web design, photography, & graphic design as starting points.

We can publish your content digitally or physically

Social media, print, web, you name it. PHENYX will publish the content that either we or someone else produced and help get your brand and content out there for your customers to see.

A team of social media experts stand by, ready to publish your media. We will help set a clear message on what you want to tell your customers.

We promote your content online, through Google Advertising, Social Media, & more

We do things a bit differently in the marketing world. We don't like to just sell & push. We connect with your customers on a personal level and promote the things that matters, not force you on them.

We will get your content promoted through proven and effective Digital Advertising. We will manage, and you can access, your entire marketing portal where you can view all of your analytics and more.

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