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Take advantage of the marketing expertise of our digital marketing agency and a digital vision of your market to impose yourself.
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January 10, 2023

Phenyx is a modern and sophisticated degital marketing agency for startups. Our agency stands out for our targeted approach to your expectations, as well as a close collaboration with you for your project. We stand out thanks to our intimate knowledge of the audiovisual landscape « Brand Video Production, and Social Media Video Production » , and our communication with our customers.

In a world where digital is taking an increasingly important place in our daily lives, we are convinced that digital marketing has an increasing importance in the commercial process of the startup.

Reactive and progressive, our production agency is available for all your projects.

Why does it work ?

Why become a client of phenyx rather than a traditional agency ?

First of all, what we do for you, we do for us: we are not a traditional agency. All the strategies we put in place for our clients, we also use for our internal projects.

In addition, the team that makes up our digital agency has had the opportunity to work on many marketing issues in different sectors.

Each project is an opportunity to perfect our digital marketing mix and make it more effective, while understanding better and better the expectations of customers in your sector.

Finally, our consultants bring together all the skills necessary to increase your turnover on the internet and are experts in the implementation of varied and adapted digital marketing strategies.

Your business is being launched, you have allocated the budgets according to your business plan...

It's time to move on to the fun part: promoting your business!

To get off to a good start, it is important to ask yourself the right questions:

Do you have a brand name?

Is your visual identity in place?

Do you have a website to attract new customers?

What about your digital strategy?

Phenyx supports you in the development of your digital strategy by selecting strategies adapted to your communication.

Thus, you can combine limited budget and quality services on the success of your startup.

To every customer its formula

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By entrusting the creation of your logo and your graphic charter to Phenyx, your brand will clearly display its dynamism, its professionalism and its values.

Our digital marketing agency for startups also signs your advertising campaigns and the web design of your website. Small or large, companies are increasingly exposed. Their identities must be adapted to their professions, their values and their audiences.

Natural referencing (SEO):

Use the power of search engines to promote your startup? That's a big YES! Thanks to the natural referencing agency (SEO), you will be able to acquire relevant and targeted traffic, which shows interest in your brand, your products and services.

Digital strategy:

Do you want to develop the visibility of your company, your brand or your products online? Would you like to sell products on an online store? Do you already have an e-commerce site and want to increase its traffic? Do you want to know what is being said about you on social networks and control your reputation?

Because digital has its own codes, Phenyx agency supports you in the development and operational implementation of a digital communication strategy.

Audiovisual production:

Brand Video Production and Social Media Video Production is the most popular medium for Internet users. Thus, most startups and companies invest in advertising spots or corporate videos, to present the company and its team or to promote a product/service.

Brand Video Production.

Spread Your Message And Promote Your Product.

A Tailored Video To Meet Every Need. Our video production strategy can meet many needs for your startup communication. 

Brand video production is our specialty. Our creativity is contagious, even viral. We produce original and impactful content that leaves no one indifferent. Whether single episode or series, good content attracts and fascinates. 

More than an advertisement, the brand video in marketing is first and foremost a work of imaging the brand experience. Transmitting values, sharing a philosophy or endorsing a cause must be done in all humility.

People are becoming more informed, educated and selective towards brands. Hence the importance of creating value-added branded content. Telling a story is no longer enough. However, this story must be touching, inspiring and convey a message. It all comes down to how you communicate it effectively to your target audience.

Feeding the hearts and minds of people requires a real understanding of their motivations and aspirations. And that, Phenyx has understood. That's why our team helps you define what unites your target audience with the essence of your brand.

Brand video production content that resonates cannot be improvised. And we're here to help you do it with flying colors.

Social Media Video Production.

In the space of a few years, video has established itself as the medium of choice for internet users and social networks. Video is a fun medium that captures attention more easily thanks to the combined action of sound, image and text. When it is intended for social networks, it is called “ Social Media Video Production ”.

These have become the preferred tool for marketing strategies on social networks. But how to produce videos reserved for social networks? Our digital marketing agency for startups at Phenyx gives you some keys to optimize your social media strategy.

Qualitative content you will produce. It may seem logical and yet… Posting a video on social networks is not an end in itself. For it to be truly impactful, you must focus on all the details of your video: the editing, the sound, the dialogues, the subtitles, everything must be worked on, refined and fluid so that the Internet user is caught up in your message. Remember that the internet user is drowned in information overload, he will not make an effort to understand your video, make it easier for him by offering neat and original content.

When our customers talk about us...

Our customers are happy with their collaboration with Phenyx and they say it bluntly in their testimonials! Whether they are at the head of an emerging start-up or a large international group, they all appreciate the bond of trust and the quality of the results obtained with our agency.

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January 10, 2023
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