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Coleton Joos


November 18, 2022

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How Digital Marketing Can Elevate Your Business


Building your brand awareness and connecting with your customers in today's world requires diligent marketing efforts beyond traditional marketing methods. Most marketing efforts for businesses have moved to digital marketing, which creates an online presence for your business through website, content creation, social media, digital campaigns, videos, and more. 

A strong online marketing strategy lets you reach a large audience and track how well your marketing is performing and make quick adjustments for what is working and what is not. 


How Does Digital Marketing Differ from Traditional Marketing Methods?

Modern customers crave continuous engagement and want their brands and companies to align with their values. Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses connect with customers in ways traditional marketing cannot.


Traditional marketing methods rely primarily on offline strategies, including flyers, billboards, ads in print, etc. While traditional marketing has its place, it is not enough in an age where everyone constantly consumes media exclusively online. 5.03 billion people across the globe access the internet daily, and you want to be able to create an impression when they do.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to drive consistent traffic, reduce ad spend, and increase profit margins all from your website. Strong SEO gives you more website visitors and provides a long-term solution for generating consistent business. Our MODS service provides you with a comprehensive SEO strategy specifically designed to drive traffic to the most important pages on your website.


Digital marketing creates a two-way conversation between your business and your customers. By taking advantage of the digital marketing world, you can build a solid online presence through genuine positive customer connections and experiences that create brand loyalty and grow your business.


PHENYX's Marketing on Demand Subscription (MODS) is a service that provides access to everything your business needs, including strategy planning, creative vision, and production expertise. With MODS, you can choose a complete digital marketing strategy or select a few key services to support your goals. With our in-house team of experts, we cover everything. 

The Benefits of MODS 

Working with in-house experts to manage every aspect of marketing your business can boost your customer base and beyond. Here are some benefits of selecting MODS to market your business over traditional marketing.


  • A year of marketing, financed into monthly payments.
  • Customize your MODS plan to your goals and business needs to deliver what you need to connect to your customers.
  • Work with one point of contact that understands your business needs and can help you tailor your plan as you see fit.
  • An entire in-house team of marketing professionals 
  • Reduces your effort and puts marketing in the hands of our experts so you can focus on running your business.
  • Get a comprehensive overview through data and analysis of your marketing efforts progress and make suggestions as needed.


Utilizing MODS for your business gives you flexibility, unlike any other marketing strategy. You can choose the services you need to ramp up your marketing efforts and add, take away, or modify as your business grows and evolves. Your plan will be curated by an in-house expert with a proven track record in delivering superior results.


Contact us today to see how we can help you with our marketing services and watch your company grow.

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