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January 23, 2023

Phenyx working on social media design

If there is one thing that really has an impact on certain platforms, it is video. Two things have taken everyone's attention: social media and video content.

If there is one thing we should do as a social media video production agency, it is to include videos in our marketing strategy, it helps to increase visibility.

People really like videos!

We also like to share them. According to Sprout Social, videos get 12 times more shares on social media than images and text combined.

Stories, Shorts: The New Video Formats

Videos intended for the web and social networks have evolved into formats resulting from our new uses of video consumption: mobile-first and therefore nomadic consumable anywhere. This is called Social Media Video Production.

The main trends in terms of new formats are those with shorter and shorter durations: 2 min, 1 min, 30 sec, 10 sec, adapted to the distribution channels. To simplify 10 to 30 sec on Instagram, 40 sec on Twitter, 1 min on Facebook, 2 min on YouTube…

The Creation Of The Content At The Heart Of The Web Encourages Variety In Particular:

Content available in series to meet new uses and consumer expectations, with ever shorter attention spans. We thus opt for the snack content model: short content, quickly consumed, served at high frequencies.

Formats adapted to the screens of our smartphones: vertical or square videos, the 1 :1 ratio popularized by certain online video media very popular with millennials, such as Brut or Konbini.

The use of animated motion design to gain dynamism, and the generalization of subtitling to watch videos in any type of environment: 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Animations in full motion design: fun and colorful, they are undeniably attractive and generate even more commitment.

Optimize The Natural Referencing Of The Site

A page containing video content with search terms is more likely to appear on the 1st page of Google search results. However, good SEO practices must be respected to best optimize your place in the search engine. It is advisable to use in the title of your video the most used queries concerning the subject treated. Since it is from the title Google will know what the video is about and will determine whether to display it in relation to a given request.

Also, consider using keywords in the description of your video since Google won't be able to read it. Choose words that best explain your video and that you would type into the search engine to find it.

Strengthening Your Community’s Engagement

We see that on a post containing a video, the engagement rate is much higher than the average of your other posts. The impression rate, i.e. the number of times the post appeared on a news feed, is also multiplied. Indeed, video content will have more virality for users and will more effectively capture attention.

The ease with which videos can be taken and published in a “story” via mobile only accentuates the enthusiasm for this type of content appreciated by the public and the creators themselves.

Tip: To generate interest and engagement, we advise you to add “call-to-action” at the end of your videos according to your objectives (for example “enter our contest” or “order our product on our site”). View our past article on Tips for Creating Content on Social Media.

Creating videos for your social networks allows you to increase your visibility and the rate of assimilation of information by Internet users. In addition to the fact that it gives you a more modern image, these two combined tools represent a powerful communication lever for your company.

What Can Phenyx Do For Your Social Media Video Production?

Project Management

From taking the brief to delivering your video. The project manager is your single point of contact throughout the project.


A crucial step in the project. We design a scenario that best responds to your message, taking into account your target and the video distribution channel.


Simple framing or by drone, our teams of experienced cameramen will not miss any shot.


Catch the eye from the first image, thanks to a mix of planes and dynamic transitions highlighted with colorimetry.

Motion Design

Image your story, your service concept, thanks to the power of animation.


Seizing the moment by freezing the image is what our photographers do.

Mix Genres, Create Content

Because a branded film is not necessarily more emotional in audiovisual production, because motion design is not only dedicated to an educational video, we push the boundaries of imagination to bring together all the skills of our talents. From artistic direction to conception-narration, motion design or production, and music, we always work as a team where we take pleasure in imagining and creating.

Our Signature


Rehearsing, mastering the gesture to perfection like a top athlete. We tirelessly continue to seek perfection for each of our video productions.


On constant watch on shooting tools, formats, and post-production, we adapt to the different demands of our customers.


Create relevant content adapted to your communication strategy as well as to each of your distribution channels, websites, social networks, internal communication screens, etc.


Our experience is the result of the rigorous “processes” that we have put in place and that we continue to improve in order to improve the customer/provider experience.

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