Written by:
Ethan Frazier

Why should you hire an outside agency to provide for your needs rather than producing all of your content in-house? It is most likely cheaper! Who doesn’t love saving money? It also gives you a fresh perspective, and it allows you to worry about other matters while someone else goes through the process of creating content.


Money is everything. Without it, you can’t do anything. Why would you spend more money to hire people, rent equipment, and pay salaries when you could just hire an outside agency whose sole purpose is to produce your content for you? I can guarantee that it would be cheaper to hire a full-suite marketing company like PHENYX to produce, edit, and distribute all of your content rather than hiring the people and equipment needed to perform the same job in the same timeframe. Unless you’re already a production company with the means to perform the same job, PHENYX is the way to go.


While money is a large factor in many decisions, don’t forget about the creative side needed to produce content. By hiring an outside agency, you will have a fresh take on a subject that may be monotonous for you. With new eyes comes new ideas and innovative and creative ways to connect with your audience. A fresh perspective can bring life to a boring subject.


Lastly, why should you have to worry about thinking of new video ideas and going through the process of capturing that idea? Help yourself by hiring professionals to deal with the work and stress of producing and distributing your content for you. That way you can pay attention to the other thousands of tasks you need to do.

“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.” - John C. Maxwell

Do great things. Delegate PHENYX.

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