Arbor Valley's Website Transformation

Revitalizing Arbor Valley's online presence with a modern website redesign and seamless online inventory integration.
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Project Overview

Reimagining the landscaping industry with a redesigned website

There are certain industries that have remained too much in the past and haven't provided an updated and aesthetically pleasing online brand presence. With the help of PHENYX, Arbor Valley completely rebranded. PHENYX was tasked with reimagining their website. The result was the use of gorgeous imagery and videos shot by PHENYX and a complete online inventory.

Project Overview

Arbor Valley, a landscaping wholesale nursery, sought to modernize their online brand presence with a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website. PHENYX was entrusted with the task of redesigning their website and incorporating an online inventory.

The challenge

The primary challenge involved reimagining Arbor Valley's website and online presence, bringing it up to date with current trends and standards in the landscaping industry.

Strategy & approach

PHENYX implemented a comprehensive approach to address the challenge:


  • Collaborated with Arbor Valley to develop a fresh and contemporary brand identity

Visual Content Creation:

  • Captured stunning imagery and video content to showcase the nursery's offerings and expertise

Website Redesign:

  • Crafted a visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly website that highlights Arbor Valley's products and services

Online Inventory Integration:

  • Developed a complete online inventory system, allowing customers to easily browse and select products

Results & Success

The Arbor Valley website redesign project led to significant improvements in brand perception, user experience, and online engagement:

  • Enhanced online brand presence, reflecting the company's modern and innovative approach
  • Improved website navigation and user experience, driving increased engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Successfully integrated a comprehensive online inventory system, streamlining the product selection process

what the client had to say

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Arbor Valley's online presence has been completely transformed since partnering with PHENYX. Their expertise in website design and rebranding has allowed us to showcase our offerings and innovation in the landscaping industry. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal
Matt Edmundson, Owner