Branding & Identity

In today’s world, brand consistency and visibility are everything. Let your customers get to know the real you; your customers must see a consistent brand storyline and graphics across your website, product line, and marketing efforts. PHENYX offers brand identity and brand redesign services. We will take your story and create a marketing narrative to complement it.


Your businesses logo. The first step. Your logo is the foundation to your identity. If you are not happy after a couple of custom concepts, we will go back to the drawing board.

Brand Assets

After your logo has been designed and chosen, we will go ahead and finish out the rest of your identity portfolio. These include but are not limited to business cards, stationery, and merchandise.

Brand Guidelines

One of the final pieces to your identity is your brand guidelines. This 20-page style guide is created specifically for your brand. It is essentially a handbook of what to do and not do with the use of your branding.

Unified Identity

After all of your assets have been made and we have established your brand, we will continue following through by keeping one unified digital & physical presence of your brand.

Video Production & Marketing

Video marketing is imperative in our search engine, mobile device reliant world. You have a short six seconds to captivate your potential customers; videos that engage viewers keep them on your page and solicit social sharing. Going viral has never been more important! We are proud to say we do all video in-house and have three talented videographers on our staff.

Creative Brief

A discovery meeting to outline the objective and get an overall sense of your vision.


We will work together and map out ideas in a visual form to achieve the highest quality.


Our copywriters know how to tell a good story. We will communicate your message in a clear and effective way.


Your time is valuable -- our schedule keeps the project on track.

Capture the magic

Our creative team fulfills the dream. We will head out on set to capture the vision you have and turn it into a reality.

Deliver the goods

After any final edits approved by you, we deliver video and publish anywhere you'd like.

Web Development

In this day and in this age of the internet, your website is the face of your brand. It’s what the customer typically sees first. Don’t you want to leave the best first impression? Let us design your website. Sit back and get ready to impress.

Custom Built

We create beautiful, custom-designed websites for any size business. Includes as much content as you need and built around your brand.

SEO Optimized

All of our websites are optimized for SEO. This means that customers can quickly find your website when they search for it on Google or other search engines.


All of our websites are optimized, incredibly fast, and responsive. Being hosted on AWS, your site will have a native app like performance.

Creative Copy

Your site is more than just an online business card. We will use more than just fancy design to wow your customers. Our copywriters know how to write and promote your content in an informative yet captivating style.

Graphical & User Interface Design

Your website and marketing efforts should represent the outstanding quality of your products or services and align with your brand values. Our experienced web developers and graphic artists can help you to reach your goals and impress your customers with modern design and easy usability.

Brand Assets

A consistent and powerful brand ID is crucial to a businesses success. We'll create an entire brand ID package structured under your new brand guidelines.


Your brand would look really cool on a hat. That's what we'll do for you. And mugs. And just about any promotional material you can think of.

User Interface

We design gorgeous, intuitive, & responsive interfaces for the web and for mobile. Let us design your next website or prototype your next great idea.

3D Graphics & Motion

Sometimes flat is too flat if you know what we mean. Beef up your look and impress with design that comes off the page and video that comes alive.

Social Media Management & Marketing

To connect with and actively grow your customer base by utilizing popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to build awareness, drive engagement, and gain qualified leads. We are always on the forefront of emerging social media trends and software to help you reach your goals. Take your brand to the next level and beyond by maximizing your online reach today!

Build Awareness

Through meaningful and impactful media, we can generate authentic brand awareness. A targeted approach tailored towards your demographic.

Drive Engagement

What a customer sees when they view your post is our highest priority. What attracts their attention and will get them to click, like, or share? This is what we focus on and target.

Qualified Leads

We handle all of your businesses lead generation. We filter through the huge haystack to find that one lead and turn it not only into a one time customer, but a recurring sale.

Targeted Marketing

Once we have all of the analytics and demographic information available to us, we use those new leads and target them through social media campaigns & blasts.

Data Analysis & Analytical Marketing

Gain critical insights into your customers and target future audiences by understanding the best customer attributes. We take the time to analyze your current customer file to build a model that tells us where to find more of your best prospects on or offline. Then we gain them for you! We will present you with a monthly findings sheet and work together to develop efficient marketing strategies based on these discoveries.


We use the customer data that we get from you and lead generation to identify your brand's true key demographic.


Gathering data from Google My Business, Google Analytics, & Google Tags Manager, we identify your site traffic and determine the hot points and where customers have been spending the most time.


We then use that data to retarget those prospects through various physical & digital platforms.

Your Portal

We are incredibly transparent about where your traffic and analytics are coming from. With PHENYX, you'll have a personalized analytics portal where you can view all customer data.

Digital Signage

PHENYX now offers Digital Signage services for your business, school, organization, or office. We will design a custom TV signage with live local weather, news, corporate information, video content, calendars, and much more. Think of all the ways you could showcase your most important content directly to your customers in this live and engaging medium.


You tell us what you want. We will create a custom-designed digital bulletin display fitted with live widgets & automatic monthly updates.


Next, you'll need to order our Chrome-Bit device and a TV of your choosing. Your Chrome-Bit device comes preinstalled with the necessary software to display your live content.


A detailed setup guide is sent along with your device. Setup is as easy as plug and go. If you find yourself requiring additional assistance, our signage technician is a call away.

Automatic Updates

Every month, your display is updated over the cloud with a new calendar, video content, and more. Nothing you need to do on your end!


The importance of good copy cannot be underestimated. Copy is essentially a direct conversation with the consumer. It needs to be simple, memorable, and most importantly, friendly and inviting.


Our team loves to highlight a brand through video. 60 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words and we know how to make those seconds count.


Not only does PHENYX know how to design a great website, we know how to accompany that with great copy.


Communicating your message through impactful copy on a variety of promotional print material.

Blog & Press

Let us help write your blogs and press releases. We will effectively communicate your message through engaging text. Available as a standalone service or as part of our MODS program.

Trade Show Design & Marketing

PHENYX is dedicated to helping your company share your brand message and products through the power of a trade show experience, and to impact your success as an exhibitor.

PHENYX provides comprehensive services for all of your trade show needs.  Whether you are needing help with marketing, management of the trade show booth and properties, graphic design support, or even expert installation and dismantle of your trade show booth – PHENYX can create a custom service package for you.

Displays & Backdrops

We can custom design a trade show backdrop or display. This will be the first thing customers will see when visiting your booth so it’s important that it draws attention.

Business Cards

Business cards have been around forever. Which also means they are a dime a dozen. PHENYX can make you a gorgeous card that stands out.


A brochure is a perfect way to present a product, showcase your 60-second elevator pitch, or get customers more engaged with your business.


Promotional material such as rack cards allow you to focus on a particular aspect of your business. Showcase one product or have multiple cards for each product.

Since starting in 2019, PHENYX has expanded it's services by over 300%, grown it's client portfolio from just one to over forty, and created, produced, & promoted over 500 projects.

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