Sherpa of Motion
Chief Creative Officer
Summons video wizardry. Responsible for video & big-picture ideas.

My name is CJ Frazier and I'm one of the co-founders at PHENYX. When we started PHENYX my goal was to capture and create moments that are worth remembering for both our clients and our team. That statement still remains today and I'm so proud to be a part of a team that has grown to make this a present reality.

I'm a husband to the most beautiful woman and a father to two equally beautiful daughters. I love to cook and watch movies..a lot. And I'm not ashamed that I'm a 40 year old business owner with an extensive collection of Star Wars Collectibles (action figures

Fun Facts About
Favorite color
Favorite Office Music
90's Grunge
Favorite food
Cooking & watching movies
When not working,
you can find me
Cooking for my neighbors and binging shows on the couch with my wife