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As a small business owner hiring staff is a time consuming and stressful process. As you know running a business requires us to wear many hats in the company and hiring is one of them. So, See Me Hire Me did what everyone does when looking for staff. They posted an ad online.

First of all, the process is not intuitive, but there was nothing else available. Like you, they were preparing myself for the volumes of resumes that I would need to read, review, assess and then select candidates to interview.

After the first review, they would go through the “Yes” pile a second time to pick the candidates to interview. This began the next stressful phase of the process telephone and voicemail tag. This process took many days to complete. Then came the scheduling of the interviews into an already busy schedule. To minimize the disruption, they tried to set-up what they called “the interview day” where all the candidates would come in on one day.

Interview day came, unfortunately there were no-shows and candidates that were not suitable. After this entire process and not finding the right candidate we had to start the process all over again. However, other times there were good potential candidates and then came the tough call of choosing.

Given today’s digital age there must be a way to make the process better that uses today’s technology to help the candidate and employer connect. First, allow the candidate to express themselves more effectively in the short time span an employer has to review someone’s application. Second, allow employers a more intuitive and better experience through this stressful process. Third, have it all available on one platform for both the candidate and employer to connect including the interview process.

Finally, See Me Hire Me has a platform that does all of this and that is how SeeMeHireMe became to be.


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