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Deep conditioning beard & moustache products. Proudly Canadian.
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Unruly Beard, a dedicated beard care company, offers high-quality products designed to protect and nourish beards in even the harshest conditions. Born and raised in Western Canada, the brand is inspired by the spirit of adventure and the great outdoors, understanding the unique challenges that a dry, prairie winter can pose to facial hair. At PHENYX, we are proud to partner with Unruly Beard, a company that is passionate about delivering 100% natural, locally sourced, and expertly crafted beard care products to customers everywhere.

With a mission to create the best products, Unruly Beard hand-pours each item, ensuring the ultimate freshness and customer satisfaction. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their carefully formulated recipes, which promote beard health and growth. As their digital marketing partner, PHENYX is honored to support Unruly Beard in their pursuit of providing outstanding customer service and top-tier beard care products for bearded individuals across the globe.

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