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More companies than ever are wising up to the fact that they need to use videos to market their products and services. Knowing how to use video marketing as a core component of your marketing strategy will set you apart from the competition. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate video into your marketing strategy to meet your customers where they are.



If you have never shot a video for your business, you are not alone. There is no need to fret—you can make a video for your business in 10 simple steps. From pre-production to your recording space, the steps can be broken down into:

  • Plan your video
  • Script your video
  • Understand how to use your camera
  • Set up your studio
  • Prepare your talent
  • Shoot for the edit
  • Organize your footage
  • Edit your video
  • Select your music
  • Record your voiceover

Alternatively, you can hire a digital marketing company with expertise in video marketing and advertising. This is particularly beneficial if you plan to animate your video. Animated content takes a lot more work than a lot of people realize.

Can you afford a writer, producer, videographer, animator, and an editor, all as separate employees? If you can, that might be a good route to go: after all, in-house content can make quite a bit of money. That is, if it's made well. In-house video marketing can be a huge risk, so think about it: could your money be better used elsewhere in your business?


You can break marketing videos into 12 categories, with each serving its own crucial function. Below, we discuss the five most important; after all, we don't want to give all the secrets away.


Demo videos are videos that showcase how to use your product. Whether it's either demonstrating to viewers how to use your software or putting a physical product through a test run, demo videos can be incredibly beneficial. Over three-quarters of consumers say that demonstration videos influence their decision to purchase a product.


Brand videos are most often part of a large-scale advertising campaign that showcases your business's mission, vision, or products and services at a high level. Their purpose is to increase awareness of your company and the solutions you provide, as well as to generate intrigue and create connections with your target audience.


Explanatory videos are a crucial component of marketing because they explain to your audience why they need to purchase your product or service. Where brand videos could be considered the high concept of your business, explanatory ones get down to the nitty-gritty.

Most videos of this type take the viewer on the journey of a typical customer with a problem, tailored to your ideal consumer base. Their problem is then solved with your company's product or service.


Animated videos are a necessity if you need to communicate concepts that can be difficult to understand. For instance, if you provide an abstract product or service, animation can serve as a better primer for your product than a typical commercial. Animatics aren't limited to services, though; you can use them to target families, evoke a sense of safety, or hammer home your business's overarching theme.


Live videos are becoming an incredibly significant factor in your organic search engine ranking. The length of time viewers stay on your site will impact your search rating, and research has shown that live videos result in viewers staying on your site 8.1 times longer than video-on-demand. Live-streaming your videos allows you to give your viewers a special peek behind the curtains of your company.

Moreover, if you stream events, interviews, or presentations, you can encourage your customers to comment on the videos with questions and receive live answers. Record your live videos as they are happening and share them on social media to increase awareness of your company, or put them on your website as a convenient resource for your customers to learn about your products and services.


If you are ready to elevate your video marketing campaign and your business to the next level, contact the experts at PHENYX today to schedule your initial consultation. We have the expertise to set you apart from your competition and increase your sales. Simply call us at (720)-600-2160, or fill out our contact request form to get the ball rolling.

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