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October 24, 2022

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Customer Experience

Holidays are known as the joyful time of year, but along with that is a lot of stress. The more stress however that comes with holidays is shopping. Your company can relieve some of that stress by providing outstanding customer service, by being helpful, respectful, and nice. Show your holiday spirit!

Client Appreciation

During the holidays, people are looking everywhere for gifts. This means even loyal customers can be looking elsewhere. The perfect marketing strategy to keep your customers loyal to your company to is show your appreciation. There are many ways to do this like, sending out a thank you email or even better a handwritten thank you card.

Campaign Early

So many companies procrastinate on creating holiday marketing campaigns. Your customers and target audience start thinking about holiday shopping before December. This is why your team needs to start brainstorming and working on campaigns two months before. This way you have a plan of action and ideas before it's too late. Also, this campaign should be launched in late November and early December. You will be getting out your content just in time for holiday shopping.

Offer Rewards

Everyone is focused on buying gifts for people but are still appealed to the idea of getting something for themselves. This can be anything from spending $50 receive a free gift, or buy a membership and get a $50 gift card. This makes holiday shopping fun for the customer. This is also another way to reward and give back to your customers, this will help your loyalty and bring in your target audience.

Email Newsletters

Your target audience during the holiday season is busy shopping, planning family get together, cooking, and getting ready for the holidays. Your customers don't have a lot of time to wait in line, deal with phone calls, or go through physical mail. So to get your holiday deals and campaigns to your customers create and send out an email newsletter! A newsletter is a perfect way to get the current customer's attention. This also is another way to keep your loyal and current customers up to date with everything your company is doing or offering.

Schedule Your Consultation

Do you need help with marketing, campaign ideas, newsletters, or connecting with your target audience for your company? PHENYX can do that and so much more! Contact us to take your business to the next level.

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