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Ethan Frazier


October 24, 2022

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Have you ever scrolled through social media and happen to come across one of those nifty ads that have upbeat music with some photos and maybe a sprinkle of text here and there? Of course, you have! They are everywhere! But did you know that original hand-crafted video ads can offer everything a slideshow video ad can’t. This is attributed to the fact that real video ads can not only better cater to the demographic and product of said demographic, but they also provide a way to stay noticeable in this oversaturated market.

Slideshow video ads are best suited for lower production budgets & to save some time. With slideshow-based videos, your voice & message are limited to pictures and maybe a bit of text. While this may work for some businesses and projects, an original hand-filmed video advertisement can offer so much more.

With specialized and thought-out video advertisements, you are given the ability to cater to your audience. This means you can target the demographic of your product, and craft a personal advertisement that communicates with your audience in a way that is just not possible with slideshow ads. Apple wouldn’t advertise the same way as Fisher-Price. Knowing who and how to sell your product is just as important as the product itself.

At the end of the day, the contributing factor in why real video ads are superior to slideshow ads is because with a real video you are able to give character to your company and have a one-of-a-kind advertisement. This will help make you stand out, unlike the repetitive genre of slideshow ads. To support this point; Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Skittles got the idea right. I’m positive you can remember at least one crazy advertisement from those companies that is just impossible to forget. They would have not been able to capture their audience the same way if they had used a slideshow ad.

Whether you are an artist wanting a slideshow video to display your work, or you’re a company that wants to stay noticeable in this mass-content driven world we at PHENYX can support all your needs. Contact us today for information on what we can do for your video needs!

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